Smart Panel V2.0

Smart Panel V2.0 Content Management System

Smartpanel is a advanced management console for our web site projects.
Smartpanel is our new content management system. You can add, edit, update or delete any page with just a few clicks on our websites. You dont have to wait for someone to update your website. You will have all the power you need with smartpanel V2.0


Smartpanel is secured

Smartpanel uses 128-bit SSL Certificate for all transactions. This means everthing between your computer and our server is encrypted.


3D Statistic Charts

We are using 3D charts for showing site statistics in smartpanel. You can follow any activities on your website easily!


Which technologies used in this project?

We are always improving our knowledge and skills. Inomage uses the latest software and design tools for the best outcome.

Our Technologies