Atr Touristik Web Site Development and Design

AtrTouristik is one of the biggest and trusted tourism company in Germany.
We have been producing projects together since 2008.

What we have done?

We developed an extra ordinary car search engine that can integrate with any other websites via XML web services. Our search engine can find any brand or model cars in any city and any rent a car company on the selected date and times.

ATR Touristik Search Engine

After that we integrated XML based hotel booking system into the project. Now we can search millions of hotels all around the world and book them at any time!

ATR Touristik XML Hotel System

We tried to provide an interactive experience to the Atr customers by adding an api for weather information for their search destinations.

ATR Touristik Weather Api

Of course there is google map integration for the best results and user experience.

ATR Touristik Google Map Api

We also integrated different payment options for the customers. We used Paypal Payment System first. Then we added Telecash Payment System to the website. We figured out in Germany customers mostly prefer Telecash System on their bookings. We also added extra payment options for the easiest payment solution.

Which technologies used in this project?

We are always improving our knowledge and skills. Inomage uses the latest software and design tools for the best outcome.

Our Technologies